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Whether you are facing a First Degree Felony or a weed charge, every criminal case is important. Often times there are driver’s license consequences or other collateral consequences attached to certain charges, even weed charges. It is important to be informed before taking any plea agreement.

It is also important to consider the number of convictions one might have because it could impact later expungement of your criminal record. Many believe that convictions “fall off” your record, but this is not the case. Every case must be expunged individually, which is a lengthy and expensive process. Our office has the extensive knowledge necessary to avoid these later complications.

Our office handles a wide variety or felony and misdemeanor charges. We offer retainer fee schedules that are commensurate with the work we are going to provide. We also offer limited scope representation for specific hearings like probation violations (OSC) and Sentencing.

Sex Crimes

Crimes involving accusations of unlawful sexual activity are highly sensitive cases. These crimes can range from sexual battery, a high level misdemeanor, to sexual assault on a child, that in some circumstances can lead to a life sentence. If you are facing an accusation involving a sex crime you need the best defense possible. You need an attorney experienced with expert testimony, child witnesses, and the complexities of a crime alleging sexual misconduct.

Exploitation of a Minor

Exploitation of a Minor occurs when a person knowingly produces, possesses or distributes child pornography or when the parent of a minor consents the minor to be sexually exploited. There are many complicated factors involved in these types of cases.

Child Abuse

Child abuse and cases opened by the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) can lead to life-altering consequences and restrictions to the fundamental right to be a parent. Navigating the case, the Court, and its terms can be very confusing and overwhelming.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence can mean any criminal offense or charge involving violence or the threat of violence committed by one person against the other while they are cohabiting. There is a wide range of acts that can be considered under this charge, from criminal mischief (where property is broken) to crimes in which people are significantly hurt.

A Domestic Violence charge can impact your future opportunities and life plan. Domestic violence convictions can be enhance-able and can restrict your Second Amendment Rights to own a firearm. These are some of the most sensitive, complicated and personal criminal cases that require the best and most experiences criminal defense for your case. Elmore Law has handled domestic violence cases and knows every aspect of the laws and Utah Code.


Assault is classified as an attempt or an act committed with unlawful force or violence that risks or causes bodily harm to another. Assault can be charged as a class A or class B misdemeanor. Aggravated assault is defined as one’s conduct that is a threat or an act followed by a violent action that includes the use of a weapon or a form of cutting off one’s ability to breathe. There are different crimes that can fall under the category of Assault, including Sexual Assault.


Homicide, or Murder, is defined as the unlawful killing of one person by another. There are different classifications of Homicide, some are Manslaughter, Aggravated Murder, and Automobile Homicide.

This serious charge can destroy the future of the person accused and their loved ones. Being accused of any level of homicide is overwhelming. You need an attorney with experience. You need to feel confident that your attorney is dedicated, diligent and ultimately has the ability to represent you. Elmore Law can tell you about the cases and outcomes we have had. Do not compromise your future as a person being accused, or as the loved ones who are being devastated by the accusation.


At any level of charge (misdemeanor or felony) Arson is a serious charge. The criminal code in Utah says in part that, if someone uses fire or explosives to unlawfully and intentionally cause damage to property or with the intention to defraud an insurer, they may be charged with Arson. An act of Arson is considered aggravated if one uses fire or explosives to damage a structure, or a structure or vehicle while knowing that there are people inside. Aggravated Arson can be a first degree felony, with a possibility of a life sentence.


One can be accused of Theft if there has been property or services that have been stolen or not paid for. The degree of the charge can be determined by the value of property or services stolen and the quantity. Also, certain things like cars and guns can increase the level of theft charges. Retail Theft is also in this category. Theft charges can affect your ability to get certain jobs and housing. Don’t let a Theft charge ruin your opportunities. 

Drug Possession

If you have been charged with a drug related crime, you may be frustrated and worried about the potential consequences and its effects on your future. Elmore Law has vast experience in handling cases involving drugs, drug abuse, and drug treatment, including Possession, Distribution and Drug Abuse. We understand the many different and complicated factors that can be involved in your case and how to best handle them.

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