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A divorce or other domestic matter is considered contested if one or both parties are in disagreement over the terms. For example, if you and your spouse cannot agree on a major item such as debt division, property division, custody, etc., you will probably need to have an attorney represent you in a contested divorce action.

For contested matters, Elmore Law requires a minimum initial retainer of $2,500.00-$3,000.00, depending on the complexity of the case. Unless other arrangements are made in advance, the full retainer must be paid before any work is begun on your case. Elmore Law bills against the retainer at an hourly rate of $275.00 per hour for attorney time and $75.00-$150.00 per hour for support staff time, plus costs. Once the retainer is exhausted, another retainer may be required. If there are funds remaining after all work has been completed, the remainder of the retainer will be refunded promptly.

At Elmore Law, we strive to provide excellent services to our clients at as reasonable a cost as possible. We will make every effort possible to maximize your retainer and keep costs at a minimum for you.

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