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A paternity action is filed when you and the other parent of your minor child were not married when the child was born. A paternity order establishes parenting rights and responsibilities for your child(ren), including custody, child support and visitation. For uncontested paternity actions, our office charges the following flat rates:

  • DIY paternity - $575.00 (Elmore Law fees) + a filing fee of $375.00 paid directly to the Court = $950.00 total cost
  • Attorney assisted paternity - $1,475.00 (this includes the $375.00 filing fee paid to the Court by our office as your counsel)

In many circumstances the filing fee may be waived. For more information on waivers, you can visit the Court's website.

For contested paternity matters, our standard “Contested Matters” fees apply. A consultation appointment may be necessary to determine if your paternity action is uncontested.

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