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If the thought of handling your own divorce is daunting, you can hire Elmore Law to handle your simple uncontested divorce on a flat rate basis. For uncontested divorces not involving custody of children, our flat rate is $850.00 plus costs. For uncontested divorces involving custody of minor children, our flat rate is $1100.00 plus costs.

The costs associated with your divorce include, but are not limited to, the required filing fee of $333.00, making the total cost of an attorney assisted divorce without children $1183.00, and with children $1433.00. In many circumstances the filing fee may be waived if you are indigent. The Court generally requires a 30-day waiting period between the filing of the Petition and the completion of the divorce. If you wish to attempt to waive the 30 days, our office charges an additional $75.00 to prepare and file the additional paperwork to attempt to waive the 30-day waiting period. For more information on waivers, you can visit the Court's website.

Our office will prepare and file all the necessary paperwork for your divorce and handle all contact with your spouse (or your spouse’s attorney) to get necessary signatures, and all contact with the court. In an uncontested divorce with attorney assistance, we will not negotiate with your spouse or your spouse’s attorney about the terms of the divorce. We will charge an additional fee for doing so, as well as for any extensive consultations or meetings regarding your divorce beyond our initial interview.

Note: If there are minor children involved, the costs to attend the required Parenting Courses offered through the court will be paid directly to the court when you attend. If it is necessary to serve your spouse formally, our flat rates do not cover this additional cost. Service costs vary depending on how many attempts are required, as well as the location of your spouse. If alternative service is necessary to serve your spouse, our office charges an additional $150.00 for alternative service documents. You can review a Summary of the Utah Divorce Law here.

To begin your Attorney Assisted divorce, please download and fill out the Divorce Interview Sheet and contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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